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We don't just have regular, everyday, spices!  We offer custom spice blends, meat rubs and so much more.  Each recipe belongs to us and we hand mix all of them.  Most of our recipes are preservative free!


To give a bit of a backstory to our little shop of spices, here goes!  Our family experienced nearly a year of heartache as one of our children struggled with a severe illness several years ago.  After many different types of treatment, some time spent at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN and tons of prayers, we were lucky enough to be able to bring our son home healthy and have watched him grow into a hardworking man.  Now, to connect the dots... during the time our son was fighting his illness, he was unable to eat much of anything.  Two things he seemed to always be able to tolerate were potatoes and pasta.  With that said, I began creating recipes of spice blends to change up the taste of his food for him.  After friends began trying them, they encouraged me to start packaging them.  I gave several as gifts until I finally took the plunge and started going to fairs, festivals, trade shows, etc  It has always been my dream to open a storefront for my spices since so many love them so much.  We are excited to say that we, finally, are doing just that!  Along with the storefront, we are offering online sales here on our website..  We will continue to add to our product line as we go along, as well.